Case Study: Announcing Changes

Done in: 12.2018 / Agency: FWDthink / Task: UX/UI Design and Development

What the client needed

The [restricted content] office is launching a new system with a public facing web interface to promote and enable advocacy, outreach, and unification of the business process. Their new web-based system will be launched in 2019. The office needs a way to promote and educate their end-users about the new system.

What I did

Worked with a small team to identify requirements, collaborate on content options and review with the client. Researched the office and other small government sites, researched the target audience, designed wireframes with functional and content specifications and designed and developed a prototype.

The Process

1 Created wireframes to initiate a conversation with the client, showing the content options (text, video, images), the navigation, the page layout and how the page will look on a large monitor versus a mobile device. Reviewed the wireframes to select the page layout and inspire content direction.

2 Develop a prototype that is consistent with the selected wireframe. Use lorum ipsum for text, stock photos, and stock videos as placeholders. Use the colors and font styles on the new system for a consistent look and feel. Test for 508 accessibility and responsive testing across multiple screen sizes.

3 Complete content creation, review with the team and the office, and update system settings for public access.